Section under the Director’s Office responsible for registering and implementing international agreements, internships for undergraduates, extramural activities and research within the country. The Section includes the International Relations Committee (CRInt) that manages the Faculty’s international relations, undertakes administrative action within the University’s Sistema Mundus, and registers international movement by faculty members and visitors. The Section receives, confers and sends on publications from the faculty departments to the central library on campus. It includes the Office of Support for FAPESP projects, designed to provide support for faculty members and their research projects, particularly financial management and reports. The Section also includes the Offices of the Commissions for Ethical Use of Animals (CEUA), Ethics in Research (CEP), and Biosecurity. Given the diversity of activities undertaken, consultation with the Section is organized as outlined in the item Contact.

Contact - Offices

Ethics in Research Committee - CEP (
Ethical Use of Animals - CEUA ( )
Biosecurity Commission (biosseguranç
Prédio da Administração - Bloco 1 - salas 6 e 7
Telephone: 55 16 3315-4811

International Relations Committee - CRInt ( )
Agreements section (convê
Prédio da Administração - Bloco 1 - sala 6
Phones: 55 16 3315-9070

Office of Support for FAPESP Projects (
Rua Clóvis Vieira - Edícula da Casa 38 (Bloco 23)
Telephone: 55 16 3315-8587