The Director’s office is an administrative division of the Faculty. In accordance with Article 42 of the University’s General Regulations, the Director is empowered to:

  • administer the Faculty;
  • implement decisions made by the Faculty Council and the Technical-Administrative Commission;
  • take disciplinary measures within the Faculty;
  • convene and preside over meetings of the Faculty Council and th Technical-Administrative Commission, exercising the right to vote and to cast a tie-breaking vote;
  • uphold the Faculty Statute, the Faculty regulations and the University’s General Regulations;
  • implement the measures required for hiring faculty members and for career promotion to the Privatdozent/Privatdozentin title leading to Associate Professor;
  • exercise other powers as conferred by the Statute, Faculty and General regulations, and higher councils;
  • implement the decisions of the Chancellor.


Director Prof. Dr. Marcelo Mulato Mandate: 09.08.2020 a 08.08.2024
Vice-Director Prof. Dr. John Campbell McNamara Mandate: 09.08.2020 a 08.08.2024

Technical divisions

  • ATAc - Academic Technical Division
  • ATAd - Administrative Technical Division
  • ATFN – Financial Technical Division


  • Institutional Support and Agreements
  • Information Technology


Technical Assistant
Thaisa Cardia de Campos Martins
Telephone: 55 16 3315-0646

Ângela Maria Cocenza Ponsoni Ferreira
Telephone: 55 16 3315-3644