Message from the Director

We are greatly honored with the upcoming mission of performing our administrative duties at the Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Letters at Ribeirão Preto from 2020 to 2024. We hope to count on the support of all faculty members to implement our management plan. This is the first election by slate for the positions of Director and Deputy Director at our University, and we are most grateful to the members of our community for their confidence in electing us.

Our FFCLRP has had a remarkable history over its more than half century of existence. This legacy reveals the dynamic creation, adjustment and evolution of our undergraduate and postgraduate courses. We are a School ahead of our time, counting on highly qualified faculty members who undertake intense activities in all areas of academic life, including an ample range of subjects and focuses, with a strong tendency towards a multi- and interdisciplinary profile. We also count on excellent non-teaching staff. Nevertheless, we believe that we can improve on many fronts.

With regard to Undergraduate studies, our School has been innovative in creating and implementing undergraduate courses of regional interest that are outstanding on a national level, taking advantage of our multidisciplinary profile. Today, we offer eleven face-to-face undergraduate courses and a distance learning course. Our primary challenge always will be to uphold and improve the quality of our teaching and learning efforts.

The scientific productivity of our faculty members regularly places us among the ten most productive Faculties of the University of São Paulo. A substantial part of the research we conduct is intimately related to Postgraduate Studies. Currently, we offer ten face-to-face courses, accredited by the national postgraduate regulatory agency, CAPES.

Our greatest challenge will be to augment harmony within our Faculty that focuses on three highly diverse areas of academic interest: Exact Sciences, Biological Sciences, and Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities. Our School is very plural in nature, resembling a mini University.

Without doubt, attaining such unity in the face of diversity will be a great challenge, and necessarily, we must count on the collaboration of our entire community (faculty members, staff and students) if our collective goals are to be achieved.

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The Director’s Office