Mini-curso: Geometric Measure Theory

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  • 16:00 - 17:30
  • sala 502 (Bloco Alan Turing - DCM - USP/Ribeirão

 Ministrante: Prof. Udayan Darji    
Filiação: University of Louisville & Professor Visitante FAPESP      

Período: 20-03 a 24-04-2019 (toda quarta-feira)

Course description:   In this minicourse, we will begin by recalling basic measure theory. Then, using classical Fractals as a motivation, we will introduce Hausdorff measures, Hausdorff dimensions and generalized Hausdorff measures. In connection with generalized Hausdorff measures, we will discuss a paper of Davies and some recent work of the author and his collaborators concerning visible and invisible sets. We will also discuss packing measures, packing dimensions as well as box dimensions. We compare the differences in these dimensions using concrete examples.  Our point of view will be applications to fractal geometry and in particular Iterated Function System which is used to generate Fractals and MultiFractals. We will also outline some interesting problems related to the material.

Não é necessário fazer inscrição, aberto ao público. Não haverá emissão de certificados.

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Fonte: Prof. Benito Frazão Pires